Monday, July 25, 2011

Assignments 3, 4, and 5 for Inspiration

Whoops! Looks like I've gotten a bit behind in updating my poor gallery. Let's play catch up, shall weh?

BTDubs, you may notice the wonderful largeness of the photos on here now, I expanded the entire blog! You can still click the images for a yet bigger size, though.

Here's my entry for Inspiration: Assignment 3. We were given a song to draw inspiration from for this one (Which is posted directly below). While most people got a peaceful, happy vibe from the song, the violins and bells in the background made me think of sadness and rain. Speaking of rain, this photo was the very first time I've ever edited rain into a photo. I tried to get a lot of detail going with it by adding splashes on the flat surfaces, and ripples in the water of the fountain. I'm SO so proud to say that this photo landed me first place, tied with ChicagoStorm's entry!

Here's my entry for Assignment 4. I can't find the photo it was inspired by, but it was a lone zebra standing right in the middle of a big herd of water buffalo. All I took away from it was the concept of standing out in a crowd, with a unique twist. I went for realism here with the hair drawing, mostly because the photo itself is a realistic sort of situation. I received first place for the second time in a row!

And finally my most recent entry for Assignment 5. Our inspiration this time was a beautiful CGI short film entitled Descendants (posted below). In the film, a beautiful white flower longs to be eaten by a deer-like creature because she wants to do more than just stay in the same place her whole life. In my photo, I switched out the flower for a beautiful forest nymph, and the deer creature for a stunning adventurer. He's so hot to me in this picture, yumyumyum! Haha. I unbelievably landed myself first place for the third time in a row!

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