Saturday, July 17, 2010

Never Before Seen Photos!!!

Several months ago when I first discovered modeling competitions and editing, I would do a lot of pictures just for fun (and also for practice). I haven't shown these pictures to anyone, this is the very first time I'll be posting them. Imbri was my ultimate star back then, so it's her in pretty much all of these photos. Click for larger size!

Imbri's a waitress-type thing at a casino. I was inspired to do the picture after I downloaded the outfit by Rose.

I made this one when I was missing warm weather like no other. It snows 9 months out of the year here. Blech.

Since Imbri's hometown is in Alaska, I decided to make a picture of her actually there. I was super proud of the footprints in the snow. ;]

I was inspired to make this one for the Super Bowl. FOOTBALL!!! UH!!!! xP

And this last one was posted once on the Supernatural Picture Thread when I was first starting out, so I guess you can consider it "Rarely Seen" as opposed to "Never Before Seen". I think mermaids with blue skin and crazy eyes are totally bomb. =]

So, there you have it. A little taste of what goes on inside the Rexy factory doors (aka mah brains and compooter). This is also a good time to give some helpful editing advice: practice, just like I do! Make pictures for fun. You'll see improvement. Prommizzz. ;]

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Generous Fabulosity! - Photos Made For Others

Here's three photos I made for three beloved fellow simmursss.

This first one is the one that kickstarted my spree of generosity. I held a small contest where simmers had to guess where the spaceship in one of my photos was from. ThatStaceyGirl ended up winning, and I made this nature-esque picture for her!

This one was made for the lovely FuryRed. The only criteria she gave me was that it had to be "gothic and interesting". I went with a gothic marionette doll theme for her loverly simself. I made this a while back but it's still one of my favorite pieces to date! Thanks for being such a great muse, Fureh. *Winkity wink*

This last one was made for the well-known LadyEmillye of her hunky sim Arashi Kazama. He's portraying Cloud from the Final Fantasy game series (who is also hunky. There's so much HUNKNESS going on here).

After things slow down a bit for me in the sim world, I'll start taking requests again so I can spread more of the joy disease. =P

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Temperature Photos Set 2

Photos from Temperature Cycle 1, Assignments 6 through Final with model Lynx Rezanov.

Assignment 6 - Covergirl time! We all had to show off Covergirl shineblast lipstick in an ad.

Final Assignment!! - This one was a big one: five separate pictures. the first four were runway shots; one everday, one formal, one lingerie, and one swimwear. The last one was free form, we could do whatever we wanted. It's the picture in the banner of this blog, and my favorite to date. =]

I totally thought I might get banned for posting the lingerie picture on the TS3 forum. They're so weird about bans lately...

Final picture: Lynx as a beautiful nymph in the dusk light.

Lynx went on to win the first cycle of Temperature! I was completely overjoyed. I absolutely love the whole concept of the competition, and I'm now a judge for Cycle 2 so I get to be involved again!

Temperature Photos Set 1

Photos from Temperature: Cycle 1, Assignments 1 through 5 with model Lynx Rezanov.

Assignment 1- All models were given the same background to use and were told to look natural.

Assignment 2 - We were all given a list of animals to choose from for our models to portray. I took leopard. RAWR!! :O

Assignment 3 - Definitely one of my favorites creative-wise! We had to turn our models into pinup dolls. I put a really modern twist on it and made her a news anchor-themed doll.

Assignment 4 - Also one of my favorites! I think it was probably one of everyone's favorites. Like in the first assignment, we were given the same background to work with and had to turn our models into mermaids.

Assignment 5 - We were given three different emotions to enact with our models and put in a collage. I received Angry (first picture, Lynx getting a parking ticket) Dangerous (Lynx sneaking onto a thirteen story building at night) and Dumbfounded (Lynx winning the lottery. Note the tiny dinosaurs on the slot macine). ^.^

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Elegance Is Sim Photos Set 2

Photos from Elegance is Sim: Cycle 2, Assignments 6 through Final with model Imbri Almari

Assignment 6 - One of my favorites! The final four were given one of the four elements, and I recieved fire.

Assignment 7 - This one was really complex and time consuming. Our models were to be in two poses, one as a hero and one as a villain.

Final Assignment! - Three seperate photos for this last one. The first two were magazine covers, one for Simteen and one for Simvogue. The last one was or model representing a line of something, like clothing, makeup, etc.

Imbri went on to be the winner of EIS Cycle 2!! I'm now a judge for Cycle 3.

Elegance Is Sim Photos Set 1

Photos from Elegance is Sim: Cycle 2, Assignments 1 through 5 with model Imbri Almari

Assignment 1 - We were all given a color to portray, I got yellow.

Assignment 2 - Models we required to wear Mardi Gras masks and show the opposite of who they really are.

Assignment 3 - This assignment was all about our model's favorite food. Imbri's is lobster.

Assignment 4 - We were all given a planet that our model was an alien from. I was given mars.

Assignment 5 - We were all given a high school clique to portray, and Imbri got goth. I'm actually not too fond of this one.

The Madness Hath Begun.

This blog shall beith an archive of all my edited photos from modeling competitions/other random moments of boredness.

I haven't decided how I'm going to post the photos I've already made yet. I have two options: I can either post them in giant chunks sorted by competition, or I can post them individually so I can tag them more easily. Pleh. I'll have to work that out later.

Anyways, welcome to my gallery!! pictures in it yet!! O.o

*Runs off in embarrassment*